Our artistic productions bring your image and values to the highest level. Our teams of film professionals work with precision, rigor, and creativity to deliver the best of our skills. We focus on research, writing and technique to ensure that your message is not only conveyed but makes an impact. 

This last episode of our web series for Holiseum compiles extensive research and writing, 3D and 2D motion design techniques, drawings, as well as national and international interviews.

This video was produced for the Grand Paris Express wishes and was inspired by François Mitterrand’s 1988 campaign video to recount the history of Paris through its transportation.


Observing a construction site at night is a rare sight. Live this unique and peculiar experience and follow the huge procession of machines through the watchful eye of our drone.

At Tribann, we strongly believe that the best way to communicate is through transmitting and sharing knowledge related to your industry. Motion design, tutorials, interviews, and even fictions … It is about giving people something to learn and understand in return for benevolent visibility and an active community: a peer-to-peer sharing that reinforces your brand image and the trust your customers and partners put in your company. 

The Cyber Vox web series looks back at major cases of cybercrime and analyzes them to better protect oneself. This series uses motion design and a carefully crafted narrative to make a complex and topical subject accessible.

This Cyber Vox web series’ special edition gives the floor to cyber defense experts to provide additional insight into the issue and showcase their solutions.

Thanks to their tutorials, Cohesity was able to explain in an instructive way how their solutions work so that their partners and customers would easily understand the subject.

Digital communication, the ubiquitous and hyperactive counterpart of branded content, is not only essential, but it must also stand out from its millions of contemporaries who appear every day. This is when quantity and quality must balance. Custom communication, tailored channels and powerful motion design are keys to ensuring a high-quality presence and branding.  

At a time when in-person events are complicated or outdated, it is important to offer digital alternatives to traditional events. This is what 3IS did when they organized their open house during the pandemic.

If motion design is globally a communication tool, it also aims to improve network publications’ visibility by effectively simplifying abstract concepts.

Being on the web requires having both a strong and unique identity. This is what N. Moinet wanted to achieve with his Pépites series (and soon Prismes), a unique drawing animation combined with motion design.